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A life of rescue becomes expensive.

My parents and I together saved over one hundred dogs, many cats, and I went on to horse rescue as well. After the death of my parents, I  continue to do so, feeding only human grade food, a mixture of oils and vitamins, and the best vet care within a day’s drive. With my parents long gone, the full financial responsibility is mine so I decided to start a business to keep all the dogs and cats and a few horses in the best possible shape a human could provide. I cannot look away from cruelty. I believe in what Einstein taught, that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I cannot do nothing. Along with caring for the animals under my roof, I donate a portion of proceeds to Pawschicago.org, HandsandHooves.org, Starlightsanctuary.org and to NamiKim.org, who has singlehandedly saved so many dogs from being cooked alive in South Korea.

My other passion is fashion; style really. Charles Worth in the nineteenth century Dior at the end of World War Two and many since that time. The only logical thing for me to do was to put the two together Rescue and Style. Hence, the beginning of Life with 16 Dogs, LLC.

Whenever I would rescue a motley, neglected dog from the road, the first thing was the vet and home cooking; good and healthy food.

The next priority was the most luxurious collar I could find. Just as a new hat used to make a woman feel new in the forties and fifties; and a facial and massage and new clothes do in today's world, a new and glorious collar made those thrown away dogs feel special. They were special and they began to believe it.

Welcome to my website. Welcome to my world in which slightly under twenty dogs and more than a few cats are usually around the house. When they go out, they are dressed for beauty and comfort. My products are safe, strong, eco-friendly, many handmade and all are beautiful and fun.

Please browse, read the blog by the dogs, and when you buy something wonderful to celebrate the love you share with your dog; please remember that a portion of your contribution goes to help those dogs who have no one but us.

On that note, should you wish to view the loving and happy video of Happy and Chance arriving from South Korean Air, rescued from a fate of indescribeable, unbearable cruetly, by Nami Kim, NamiKim.org, please do watch below.

Thank you!