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Allendale Holiday Boutique

Posted by Life with 16 Dogs on

We want to thank with all our heart the Allendale Shelter Club for inviting us to participate in this year’s wonderful holiday bazaar. Surperb vendors and we met so many lovely people. We are so grateful and happy that we sold so many of our lovely products that we were able to make a sizable contribution to Allendale.

Here are a few of the wonderful pieces we had with us and also have on our website. Red is the perfect color for all 

the upcoming holidays and parties.

Merle, the owner of Life with 16 Dogs, had fun showing the amazing products and fun toys (like the Hairmes Gift Box

she's holding).

We look forward to taking part in the boutique next year! 

Happy Customer Writes In

Lolulou, precious poodle from Japan, shows us how happy she is that he mommy bought her the peach vintage lace bag !!!

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From the Human

This has been a very busy month. We are in a window in the wondrous baby and children's store, Penny's From Heaven, in Lake Forest, Illinois We are back on the board of PawsChicago.Org, and will donate a portion of proceeds to the first no kill shelter in Chicago, where " no dog has an [...]

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Paws Alumnus visits Alma Mater

Hi all, this is Henry, here to spread some good news about my alma-mater, PAWS Chicago! This past Sunday PAWS was hosting an adoption event in the Illinois city of Lake Forest. I was absolutely ecstatic that my human was willing to take me out to support all of the dogs in [...]

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Amélie's Little Secret

Hello readers, this is Amélie (the lovely Maltese) and I'm ready to come clean on my little beauty secret. Recently I have been feeling very self conscious about the dark tear marks that I get under my eyes. All of the other dogs were teasing me and I became afraid to show my [...]

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Juliette Stops to Smell the Pansies

Juliette is quite enamored with white pansies and they match her beautiful fur quite nicely. She notes that "one must cultivate what is wonderful and lovely in life." Her exquisite tastes and connoisseurship are legendary and many a pup seek her opinions on just about everything. She is known to hold court on [...]

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Breaking News in Fashionable Pet Couture Clothing

Hello all, this is the human speaking, and oh boy do I have some fabulous news for all you fashionistas out there! Having 16 dogs, I am an avid connoisseur of all things dog related. I must admit, I tend to spoil my pups with couture pet clothing and fashionable products. Of [...]

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Party Girls

Why is Amélie asleep ? Is Esmé asleep, or is one eye half-open? Amélie is a party girl… always running towards the fun. Known for her unbridled enthusiasm, she is a white tornado. Although she will not admit it, she needs to experience the restorative powers of sleep so she can do it [...]

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For Buckingham Palace and all those whose dogs...

The Human who cleans up little mistakes around the palace, has found the very best miracle remover of all! Traces of things dogs are not supposed to do, but always do, on rugs, furniture, and so on, disappear at the application of Fizzion Clean!! Fizzion is a CO2 spray, green as The Royal Gardens, safe [...]

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