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Amélie's Little Secret

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Hello readers, this is Amélie (the lovely Maltese) and I'm ready to come clean on my little beauty secret. Recently I have been feeling very self conscious about the dark tear marks that I get under my eyes. All of the other dogs were teasing me and I became afraid to show my face in public. As of late, I simply hid under the humans bed, and while this was a great option for checking out the latest fashions of Jimmy Choo, it was severely hindering my ability to be confident and enjoy life.

A few months ago I began using products to get rid of the dark tear marks under my eyes. However, to my dismay I quickly found out that the products were not FDA approved and they had ingredients that were harmful. Then, a few weeks ago, I found a wonderful new product. Eye Envy! This wonderful product IS FDA approved and it really works! Finally, I am able to come out from beneath the bed and live my life again. I am sincerely overjoyed by this new product. The dark tear marks underneath my eyes have disappeared and I am once again able to revel in the excitement that comes with being an adorable white pup.

While I'm slightly insecure about admitting that I need a little extra help to look my best, I decided to set my insecurities aside in order to help all the other pups out there facing this same problem. So to all you Maltese's and light colored dogs of any breeds, indulge in this lovely beauty regimen! I found a great deal on starter kits and all Eye Envy needs at  so check it out and allow yourself to look and feel your best! (Just make sure not to tell that cute poodle next door, I want him to think this look is completely natural)

Love Always