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Breaking News in Fashionable Pet Couture Clothing

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Hello all, this is the human speaking, and oh boy do I have some fabulous news for all you fashionistas out there! Having 16 dogs, I am an avid connoisseur of all things dog related. I must admit, I tend to spoil my pups with couture pet clothing and fashionable products. Of course how could I not: they're family! I figure, I've become quite a keen buyer when it comes to the latest fashion trends in couture clothing for my pets, so why not pay my expertise forward?

I've decided to add a whole new line of couture pet clothing to my website to help make pups everywhere become a little more fashionable. After all, they deserve couture, they deserve fashion, they deserve love. I'm so very proud of the new couture pet clothing that keeps coming in, I swear I want to just keep it all for my own pups, however all dogs deserve to be fashionable (not just mine.)
These wonderful couture clothes are coming in from all over Europe, mainly Italy, Spain, and France. New couture fashions keep coming in so I'll continue to update all of you wonderful readers when new shipments come in.

I'm so very excited about these couture pet fashions, the clothing simply cannot be surpassed in quality or style. Many of the items are completely hand-stiched and the embroidery is simply impeccable. I've posted many picture of some of the most fashionable items concerning your pets clothing, however there's much more on the website so feel free to check it out and indulge in fashionable couture clothing for your lovely pet!