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For Buckingham Palace and all those whose dogs...

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The Human who cleans up little mistakes around the palace, has found the very best miracle remover of all! Traces of things dogs are not supposed to do, but always do, on rugs, furniture, and so on, disappear at the application of Fizzion Clean!! Fizzion is a CO2 spray, green as The Royal Gardens, safe as anything one could have imagined, ( even for those dogs who, inexplicably, insist upon licking it.)

The Dowager Queen finds the only spot worthy of her leavings, is one of the antique Aubusson palace carpets, in palest of pastels. 'Tis is her chosen spot, and no amount of pleading has changed her mind. As the human who scurries behind her, at a respectful distance, of course, once she has left the area, I blot the deposit with paper towels, holding it down with my non royal foot, I then liberally pour on the Fizzion, soaking the area, retreat from the room and find the sherry decanter.

Every single time, there is no evidence that anything untoward has happened, no matter what the content of said leaving. I repeat, nothing remains at all! 

Queen Juliette: "A piffle of a problem. Not worth mentioning, ( but, secretly, she has written to her good friend, The (other) Queen, to use Fizzion with her Corgis).

"And so, dear readers, puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and probably hamsters and such, do direct your human staff to obtain for you, the above named miracle product.

And now, I must be off. It is time for a little sherry. Hmm, the sherry seems to have gotten a little low."

As ever, HRH, Juliette,
Queen of All That Matters
(and, her ever patient human)