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Party Girls

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Why is Amélie asleep ? Is Esmé asleep, or is one eye half-open? Amélie is a party girl… always running towards the fun. Known for her unbridled enthusiasm, she is a white tornado. Although she will not admit it, she needs to experience the restorative powers of sleep so she can do it all over again, several more times that day.

Esmé watches out for her because she knows that despite her incessant and annoying good cheer, Amélie is a sweet and well meaning pup, bringing much joy to those within hearing distance of about a mile. Amélie helps to diffuse the difficult and tense encounters within the palace walls, totally unaware that she takes the brunt of much of it

As Amélie bounces their way, the other dogs race for cover. A conversation is never short, nor is it quiet. One by one, they begin to wonder: could we be approaching life too seriously? Sometimes, grumpy Milou thinks, "Should I smile at her with my most charming smile, and hope that she will go away, or perhaps I should consult Machiavelli, I am sure he would have an idea as to how to keep her spirits down." Most times, Milou treats Amélie with his special growl, wondering why any creature would want to be happy all the time!

This time , Amélie is so tired after cheering a the coyotes vs. chihuahua games of chance and daring. Gentleman Jack reported from the game: